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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Generic FAQs

  • We are experts in waste management and have staff readily available to answer your questions or listen to your problems to advise on the best waste system for your company. We have some Ready Made Solutions for Business that have been put together to promote best practice which you can have a look at if you're not keen on chatting to someone. We also have representatives that are more than happy to come and visit you at your premises to discuss your requirements or chat with you over the phone to offer the best solution for you and your company. Don't hesitate to give us a call even if it's just for a bit of friendly advice. There is more pressure on businesses than ever to get their waste collection and recycling right so if you're looking to make a change you may as well speak to the experts at Waste Collection in London.

  • We encourage recycling at all levels of our business. We are committed to offering the best possible recycling services to our customers which currently include cardboard, paper, metals, plastics, food and glass. Because we are a zero waste to landfill company if you produce waste that is currently unrecyclable it will be used as a refuse derived fuel and will be used to produce power, not be sent to rot in a landfill somewhere! The vehicles we employ to collect waste are held to the highest environmental standards and fitted with the latest technologies to encourage efficiency and productivity. For more information see our Recycling Policy page.

  • Our Scheduled Collection services are aimed exclusively at business users who require regular, prompt collection of their waste and recyclables. We offer a wide range of flexible services that can be augmented to suit any business type and encompass all your needs through the use of one supplier, us!

  • Trade Waste Collection FAQs

  • A trade waste collection is a term that is used to describe the scheduled collection service we provide to business users. In most cases it involves one of our containers being placed on site that is emptied on a minimum of a weekly basis. Containers range in sizes from 240 litre wheelie bins, getting larger incrementally up to an 1100 litre wheelie bin. We can provide larger containers for regular collections as required. We would suggest that you contact us if you are looking for a scheduled collection so that we can advise on the most economical, greenest solution for your business.

  • Take a moment to speak to our team of waste professionals who will take into account the volumes of waste you produce, the type of waste you produce and any specific requirements that you have relating to your businesses before suggesting the best options for you. Having the right waste system in place at your business will not only benefit you financially but will benefit the wider environment as we will always offer recycling led waste solutions.

  • Bag Collection FAQs

  • Unless otherwise agreed, we collect bags over night when the city is at its quietist; in terms of traffic. We will agree your collection days when we set up the service and will collect your rubbish sacks on those days once the service commences. Please be wary of any council restrictions that are in place regarding when you can put waste bags out to be collected. Some council restrict collections to small windows. Please let us know of any restrictions prior to your service starting

  • Our bags have a maximum weight of 6kgs. This is for several reasons. Firstly, we don’t want you to compromise the integrity of the bag. There’s nothing worse than a stray piece of glass or metal slicing the bag and having it spill all over your feet due to its weight! Secondly, we have to think about your safety and the safety of our people. Overloaded or overweight bags present a clear health and safety risk. Trying to handle awkward or heavy loads leads to injury. This isn’t just to safeguard our people but also yours. Safety first!

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