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Scheduled Waste Collections

Scheduled Waste Bag Collections

Our commercial waste bag collection service is suitable for businesses that either produce low volumes of waste or have limited space and as such, are unable to house waste or recycling containers. We offer bin bags for two waste types; residual (general) and glass, we also offer cardboard sticker tape. We can offer waste collections up to seven days a week, 365 days a year. Our bag collections operate on a pre-paid basis, pre-pay means that you order the bags first and the price you pay covers you for the collections.

Residual (General) Waste

Our 70L premium general waste bags can be used to line internal bins, then when full, tie them and leave in the agreed place outside your business, for us to collect. These commercial bags are for all general waste your business produces. We understand that not all businesses create waste at the same time and that’s why we can arrange collection times and days around your business and its busy times. When filling in the contact form or however you wish to contact us, let us know the best times for us to collect and we’ll work with you to create a solution that suits your business’ needs.

Glass Recycling Bags

Our 70L premium glass recycling bags can be used to fill with your empty glass bottles and jars for collection and recycling. Collection times can be fitted around your business, so please let us know when contacting us and we will work with you to arrange the best time to suit you and your business’ needs.

Cardboard Recycling Tape

Our cardboard sticker tape can be used to bundle cardboard together for collection and recycling. The tape is 60M long and leaves your cardboard bundles ready for collection. Just like our bag collection service, the bundles are to be placed outside at the agreed place and time for collection.

Scheduled Wheelie Bin Collections

Our wheelie bin collection service is by far the most popular method for waste and recycling collections. The flexibility and range of services on offer via wheeled bin collections allows even small businesses to have a comprehensive recycling system in place. We offer segregated collections of dry mixed recycling, food recycling, glass recycling and residual (general) waste across a range of bin sizes.

Residual (General) Waste

Residual waste is made up of all the currently unrecyclable materials that your business produces. These can include materials such as hard plastics, sweet and crisp wrappers, polystyrene and soiled food packaging. Even though this waste is not easily recycled we can still guarantee that none of it will ever go to landfill. The treatment processes that your general waste will go through means that it will be used as a refuse derived fuel and will end its life powering homes and business as it returns to life as energy. Our wheelie bins that are used for general waste come in four different sizes to accommodate all types of businesses.

  • 1100L wheelie bin, holds approx. 12 – 15 bags
  • 660L wheelie bin, holds approx. 8 – 10 bags
  • 360L wheelie bin, holds approx. 6 bags
  • 240L wheelie bin, holds approx. 4 bags

Dry Mixed Recycling

Dry Mixed Recycling, also known as DMR is made up of four base materials; cardboard, paper, plastic bottles and aluminium. These various materials in their many forms can be mixed together in one container that and the mixed materials will be sorted at a Materials Recycling Facility (MRF). There are some restrictions to these the materials that can be put in DMR, such as hard plastics, but we can provide a comprehensive guide to what can and can't go into your mixed recycling bin. Recycling offers massive benefits to your business in terms of financial savings and the obvious rewards to our environment. We have four sizes of wheelie bin for mixed recycling to suit a wide range of business types.

  • 1100L wheelie bin, holds approx. 12 – 15 bags
  • 660L wheelie bin, holds approx. 8 – 10 bags
  • 360L wheelie bin, holds approx. 6 bags
  • 240L wheelie bin, holds approx. 4 bags

Food Recycling

Food recycling is a great way to lessen the impact that your business activities have on the wider environment. Did you know that for every tonne of food that goes into landfill, the equivalent of four tonnes of CO² is released into the atmosphere as it degrades? The process of recycling food produces power, fuel and compost that is widely used in the agriculture industry. Ideally suited to businesses that produce a lot of food waste, our bins can be used to dispose of plate scrapings, offcuts, meat, fish, primary packaged food, dairy products, fruits and vegetables to name a few things.

Our wheelie bins for food collections are 240L in size and will hold approx. 4 bin bags, this is a similar size to a household wheelie bin. Because food is heavy, we only offer food collections in a 240L size bin.

Glass Recycling

Our glass recycling service lets you recycle mixed glass bottles and jars reducing the strain on your residual waste stream by eliminating the heavy material.

Glass recycling is usually used in conjunction with our residual or dry mixed recycling services and compliments the waste management system of any business that produces glass waste.

Our wheelie bins for glass recycling are 240L and will hold approx. 4 bin bags. This size is similar to a household wheelie bin. Because glass is a heavy material, we only offer glass collections in a 240L size bin.

Rear End Loader Service

Rear End Loader Services are well suited to businesses that produce large volumes of bulky waste. These containers are capable of holding high volumes of material, are easy to load and can be lockable. The bins stay on site and are emptied by our mobile compaction vehicle on pre-determined service days. We have four different sizes of rear end loaders to accommodate various sizes of businesses; 8 yard, 12 yard, 16 yard. Rear end loaders can be used for residual (general) waste and dry mixed recycling. General waste is made up of all the currently unrecyclable materials that your business produces.

Roll On Roll Off

Roll On Roll Offs are the largest containers that we offer. These giants are suitable for one off projects or to be used by your business on a more permanent basis if you produce high volumes of waste. On especially busy sites these containers can be fitted with compaction systems to maximise payload. If you are interested in a roll on off container please call to speak to one of our friendly staff so that we can better assess your requirements. Our Roll On Roll Offs can be used for residual (general) waste, dry mixed recycling, wood and metal waste. We offer a wide variety of container sizes: 8 yard skip, 12 yard skip or 20 yard - 40 yard container

If you would like to purchase scheduled collections or want to receive more information, please contact us.

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